Awesome Features

Our simple design requires minimal coding to quickly access all the data in ClickBank's Instant Notification.

Lightweight Class Generation

Our IPN Results class is generated with all the properties completely populated with their correct datatypes.

Added Properties

We added additional properties to allow you to access the encrypted and decrypted notification.

Royalty Free Distribution

Our affordable license, generated with your purchase information, is encrypted and embedded in your license to allow for royalty free distribution

Upgrade Protection

All minor upgrades and releases to the INS V6 DLL Library is completely free and will work with your existing license.

About ClickBank

It's no secret that ClickBank is the most popular affiliate and payment processor on the web. ClickBank reaches over 200 million people worldwide. There has never been a better time to expand your offerings. Now you can take the challenges out of integrating ClickBank Instant Notification Service with your ASP.NET websites. With an organized class library, it's never been simpler to integrate ClickBank Instant Notification Services with C# and VB.NET.

Our DLL wraps Clickbank's interface for handling real-time purchase confirmation and server-to-server communications. Delivering an easy to use component that removes the tedious task of decrypting and parsing the instant notification and confirmation of ClickBank payments you receive.

ClickBank Alert

In the coming months, ClickBank will be deprecating older versions of Instant Notification due to Version 6.0's improved security and advanced feature support for features such as multi-line transaction support. This necessitates a full migration of all clients to Version 6.0 of the Instant Notification Service. Version 6.0 provides responses in JSON format and additional parameters. ClickBank uses the CBC-AES-256 encryption algorithm to secure the payload of the notification.

There is no better time to start converting your existing outdated ClickBank INS (Instant Notification Service), to the lastest version and avoid the payment notification interruption your business depends on.

Code Samples

Our DLL is so simple in design it takes very little code integration to get you up and running. All standard properties off our IPNResult class is documented on here: ClickBank's Instant Notification Service.

Calling The Component

					   Dim oClickBankIPNv6 As New ClickbankIPNv6.DecryptIPN
					   Dim oClickBankIPNResult As ClickbankIPNv6.IPNResult

					    oClickBankIPNv6.secretKey = "YOUR SECRET KEY"
					    oClickBankIPNv6.request = Request
					    oClickBankIPNResult = oClickBankIPNv6.getIPNResult()
                     Catch ex as exception
                        'Catch Exception - All errors will be shown here - if there are issues with the INS
                     End Try
                    try {
					 ClickbankIPNv6.DecryptIPN oClickBankIPNv6 = new ClickbankIPNv6.DecryptIPN();
					 ClickbankIPNv6.IPNResult oClickBankIPNResult = default(ClickbankIPNv6.IPNResult);

					 oClickBankIPNv6.secretKey = "YOUR SECRET KEY";
					 oClickBankIPNv6.request = Request;
					 oClickBankIPNResult = oClickBankIPNv6.getIPNResult();
                    } catch (exception ex) {
	                  //Catch Exception - All errors will be shown here - if there are issues with the INS

As you can see above, it's as simple as creating the IPNv6 Component, then passing in "YOUR SECRET KEY" provided by ClickBank. Then you passing in the REQUEST object from your ASP.NET page and the IPNResult class will be fully populated.

Consuming and using the data from the IPNResult Class

					 Dim receiptNo = oClickBankIPNResult.receipt
					 Dim productTitle = oClickBankIPNResult.lineItems(0).productTitle
					string receiptNo = oClickBankIPNResult.receipt;
					string productTitle = oClickBankIPNResult.lineItems[0].productTitle;

Every propery listed at Clickbank Notification Service is available, some of the properties are arrays, like lineItems where each order can have multiple items purchased at the same time.

How to test to see if a property exists

					 Dim upsellFlowID = If(oClickBankIPNResult.upsell.upsellFlowId Is Nothing, "", oClickBankIPNResult.upsell.upsellFlowId)
					int upsellFlowId = oClickBankIPNResult.upsell.upsellFlowId == null ? "" : oClickBankIPNResult.upsell.upsellFlowId;

Some data properties are not sent over in the notification from ClickBank, if it doesn't pertain to the product you're selling. To prevent errors, always check to see if the propery off the IPNResult object is populated, before using it as seen above.

Additional Properties

					 Dim encryptedNotification as string = oClickBankIPNResult.encryptedNotification
					 Dim decryptedNotification as string = oClickBankIPNResult.decryptedNotification
					string encryptedNotification = oClickBankIPNResult.encryptedNotification;
					string decryptedNotification = oClickBankIPNResult.decryptedNotification;

We added two additional properties, the decrypted JSON notification and encrypted JSON notification. This will allow you to save the entire JSON Notification as it was received to your database.

Our Licensing

Once you purchase the component from us, using the buy now button below, you will receive an email with a license file attached to it. Add that license file to your project and set it be copied to your output directory, you can embed the license file in your application as a resource, or you can place it on your app data directory. Remember your license file is important as it contains your name and purchase information encrypted within it and will be required for support. Running without out a valid license after the trail period will cause all applications in the same App Pool to not work.

Adding the license file as an embedded resource

After adding the license file to your application, you can embed the license file in your
ASP.NET application by setting the "Build Action" to "Embedded Resource".

Adding the license file to your app data directory

You can add your license file to the app data directory of your application.

Adding the license file to your bin or application exe directory

You can add your license file to the application bin directory or the same location of your executable.
We check mutliple places to find a valid license file.

Trial Download

We offer a free 7 day trial for our component, after 7 days the library will no longer work. You will need to buy a valid license to continue using it. Trying to use the component without a valid lincese will prevent all code from working in the IIS App Pools that the component is referenced in. Installing a valid license after the trial period has ended will require an IISRESET, be proactive.

The download will contain the license agreement to use this software, the .net 4.0 and 4.5 framework assemblies. We currently only support .net 4.0 framework and higher.


IPN Controls offers the ClickBank INS v6 ASP.NET DLL Library at the low price of $299.

After you purchase this DLL, you will receive the license file by email within 30 minutes.

Click the image below to purchase.


If you have any questions about our licensing model or use of the component, please contact us.